Video Marketing

Over the last couple of years, video has risen to be one of the most sought-after mediums in marketing. Its highly engaging nature has enabled companies to break through the noise and capture the consumers’ attention. More consumers are also watching video and especially prefer it when learning about a new product or service. As more companies worldwide incorporate digital marketing and video services into their business strategy, Imexolutions has been at the forefront in the African region, championing digital marketing transformation through the industry.

Video Marketing

Imex - GoCampaignVideos

Imexolutions has entered into a strategic alliance with GoCampaignVideos, a consumer-centric video marketing platform, to introduce digital marketing services and personalized video marketing solutions. Together, they are poised to create more meaningful and value-added customer interactions and experiences that can help clients improve sales conversions and revenues. Both Imexolutions and GoCampaignVideos are invested in their customers’ growth and are committed to delivering world-class customer service.

About GoCampaignVideos

GoCampaignVideos is a SaaS-based automated marketing solution focused primarily on the global business sector. Since its inception in 2019, it has grown to be a leading digital platform for AI-driven video solutions, helping companies improve customer engagement, increase brand loyalty and drive higher conversions.

Personalised Video Marketing Solutions

GoCampaignVideos offers 5 diverse personalized video solutions for all video marketing requirements in the business sector.

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