Energy Storage Systems

Environmental disruptions, inclement weather and night hours impede the generation and supply of power due to the non-availability of solar radiation. Imexolutions' standalone or off-grid power systems supply power as per application requirements such as the DC or AC loads, to erase the mismatch between the electricity produced and the electrical load with the use of energy storage devices such as deep cycle batteries.

From production, conversion, transport to storage and end-user utility of power, we track and analyse energy basics and expectations to generate reliable power, and simultaneously minimise costs and inconvenience. We achieve productive balances of all systems to safely transmit electricity parallel to the load that will be using it.

Imexolutions customized systems in this category can be used for hotels & camps, rural hospitals & schools and a host of other applications.

Solar Energy Storage

Solutions & Applications

We assist customers from inception to implementation and operation of their energy storage system in complex multi-functional application schemes.

We provide turnkey solutions that integrate energy system with power-conversion devices as well as power control and energy-management functions with unmatched expertise in designing and building off-grid and grid-connected microgrids. Our portfolio encompasses the full range of enabling technologies including renewable power generation, automation, grid stabilization, grid connection, energy storage and intelligent control technology, as well as consulting and services to enable microgrids globally.

Energy storage systems batteries are used for:

  • Large renewable integration (PV and wind farm) installations
  • Ancillary services and other grid support functions
  • Microgrids and end-user energy optimization schemes
  • Our microgrid solutions ensure power supply resilience, power quality, sustainability and cost-effectiveness in a broad range of applications.

Energy storage supports the energy transition

Producing power from renewable sources means volatility – and energy storage is the key to matching supply to demand.

Generating electricity from renewables varies greatly due to the unpredictable nature of the weather. In some cases, renewable power plants end up producing more electricity than is needed for current demands. Energy storage systems solve this problem by storing surplus energy and making it available at a later time as needed. Electricity can then be taken from the stored energy and fed into the grid.

Energy storage systems can integrate renewables by shifting energy to high-demand periods, or provide grid services like frequency control or spinning reserve. It's also possible to use the stored energy in the form of heat and cold, or as synthetic fuel e.g. for transportation. In addition to being a key component in the expansion of renewables and ensuring a sustainable, reliable and economic power supply, energy storage systems are also an important factor in what is known as "sector coupling".

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