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Recent advancements in information technology have created enormous opportunities for growth and development in the African region. Digital plays a significant role in not only the creation of new products but also in evaluation and distribution. It can drastically lower operation costs, speed up product delivery and open new doors for development. Imexolutions has been at the forefront of digital change in the African region, integrating new and innovative technologies to existing frameworks.

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Imex - Beyontec

Imexolutions has entered into a strategic partnership with Beyontec to sell and implement insurance technology solutions in the East African region. Together, with Beyontec’s vast industry experience and rich domain expertise, we are better positioned to address region-specific operational challenges, improve process efficiencies and overall customer satisfaction. Both Beyontec and Imexolutions follow similar values and thrive on client development and success.

About Beyontec

A leading technology solutions provider for the global insurance market, Beyontec has been orchestrating digital transformation throughout the insurance industry since its establishment in 2008. Equipped with world-class infrastructures and technological knowledge, Beyontec is uniquely positioned to empower insurers and transform their business operations into independent, agile and future-ready systems.

Beyontec Suite: Core Insurance Solution

Beyontec’s core insurance solution, Beyontec Suite, is a cloud-based, workflow-driven solution equipped with specific functionalities to enhance business efficiency, scalability and performance.


Beyontec allows clients to maintain a flexible insurance system by offering a rich set of plug-in solutions to integratenew business procedures with the existing ones.


Beyontec allows clients to innovate faster and provide high-quality technology solutions by deploying digital platforms to support various insurance processes and operations.

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