Maintenance & Support

Imexolutions offers maintenance and support for both Low Voltage & High Voltage Switchgears.

Predictive Maintenance

We offer predictive maintenance that detect the onset of system degradation (lower functional state), thereby allowing causal stressors to be eliminated or controlled prior to any significant deterioration in the component physical state.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance can be done on-time or as a machine-run-based schedule to help the switchgears sustain or extend its operational life span.

Corrective or Breakdown Maintenance

This implies that repairs are made after the equipment has failed and cannot perform its normal function anymore.

General support

We do general inspection for any physical damage, operational check, earth connection, fault diagnosis, trouble shooting and safe cleaning of switchgears. This is done observing electrical safety regulations to protect both human and environment. Our team is available 24-hrs to support our clients from equipment down time, work order back log, hazardous work environment and losses that can occur due to machine failures. We offer both periodic contracts (O&M) or call-out services in case on emergencies.


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