Power quality & power factor correction

Power quality & power factor correction

To improve power factor and subsequently power quality, Imexolutions applies PFC or Power Factor Correction that employs capacitors to offset inductive loads. This way, the efficiency of the power supply is increased as immediate cost savings on electricity are visualised. In order to prevent equipment instability, failure, and significantly higher usage than the necessary energy, power factor is utilised for optimisation and improvement.

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We ensure your power quality is balanced with reactive power compensation, which is essential for the correct technical and economic management of any electric system. The technical optimisation benefits of such implementation include:

  • Accomplishing voltage control across the transmission and distribution system
  • Economic enhancement with reduced levels of system losses
  • Reduced billable reactive energy costs by the utility companies
  • Installations can be achieved with better kW/kVA usage ratios

Eliminate emissions of harmful harmonics with installation of active harmonic filter Imexolutions provide economic solutions to successfully mitigate load induced harmonics in three-phase power systems.

  • PFC banks
  • Passive Filters
  • Active Filters
  • Hybrid Filters

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