Busbar trunking systems

Imexolutions offers flexible, safe and economical solutions for all your trunking needs with prefabricated busbar trunking solutions.

Busbars are available from 63A up to 6000A, are compact, can be installed edgewise, flat or vertically and in any restricted space. The busbars can be supplied with aluminium or copper conductors and are insulated with suitably pre-shaped, self-extinguishing material complying with IEC standards. With quality busbar trunking systems from Imexolutions, you can increase of the standard protection degree up to IP55 from IP42.

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Imexolutions helps industry and infrastructure customers by supplying fast, reliable, complete solutions by providing the entire range of services from design and supply to installation & commissioning, technologies, and components that are required for the successful construction and operation of low-voltage state of the art substations.


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