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Manufacturing plants face unique challenges when managing their MV and LV electrical distribution assets. The plant’s electrical system begins its slow march to inefficiency, disrepair, and obsolescence over time as they are run over capacity and maintenance is deferred due to lack of maintenance staff or negligence. This can prove expensive and over time can lead to failure.

Imexolutions is helping our customers implement smart factory principles in their own operations. The ability to visualize, predict, and prevent failures in supply chain operations enables the business to proactively plan and design resource allocation. Significantly, it also allows any supply disruptions to be monitored and adjusted in real time. And during normal working, this not only creates greater efficiency, but it also presents a unique advantage when an emergency response is needed.

Manufacturing 4.0

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Electrical substation modernization

In the past, modernization of electrical distribution assets such as switchgear was a disruptive and expensive process. However, with digitization, more sustainable approaches such as refurbishment and reuse are available and have become affordable. When coupled with new digital practices such as predictive and condition-based maintenance, systems availability goes up while support costs go down.

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