Energy management the smart way

The emergence of IoT technology is the most revolutionary development in energy management process. Harness the power of Industrial IoT to gain better insights, make informed decisions and comply with growing trends towards green energy, carbon footprint management, and to be in line with government regulations and policies.

IoT powered Smart Energy Management Systems help companies in lowering their operational costs and management for peak demands. These systems are essential for companies whose energy supply is regulated and managed by special contracts.From factory floor to the back office, Imexolutions enables the smart usage of data through the convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems.

Industrial IoT

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Smart factories and buildings with IoT driven energy systems

Smart energy management systems driven by IoT go beyond most of the conventional building management systems that oversee and control the power needs of a building such as the lighting, air ventilation, HVAC, fire alarms, and elevators. IoT driven energy management systems also utilise IoT sensors to assemble, analyze, and convert the energy data into information which can be referred to in the future to make intelligent business decisions to improve energy optimization.

Monitor your assets in remote areas with energy efficient industrial Edge Gateway and run powerful machine learning models close to the asset. With the proliferation of platforms to deploy, manage and operate, these models on a “pay as you go” plan, allows anyone to take advantage of the solutions without breaking the bank.


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