Custom lighting

Imexolutions provides customised end-to-end lighting solutions for all industrial spaces where the existing automation system perfectly integrates with the new set up. While bringing lighting ideas to life right from designing, sourcing to installation and maintenance, we activate all key functions as we offer unparalleled creative solutions guaranteeing efficiency and safety.

Our team of highly trained engineers, assembly technicians, and project managers, build fortified fixtures with unmatched quality, attending to every detail. We quickly take your vision forward to reality as we design and prototype the installation, building bespoke solutions without compromise.

Equipped with all the necessary training and education, our team recommends, installs, and maintains lighting products that have the ability to improve your environment and efficiencies. Older and less advanced lighting systems are exchanged with new energy savers, ballasts, lamps, and controls, to provide remarkable end results that bestow safety, productivity, and savings.

Custom Lighting

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