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Truelite is a market-leading innovator in smart solar street lighting having successfully completed more than 100,000 solar lighting projects, and by delivered cutting edge solutions in the lighting and solar energy industry. Truelite as a renowned brand for LED lighting. The company is incorporated in Las Vegas, USA, the ‘City of Lights’. The massive energy-saving and numerable benefits associated with solar street lighting attract emerging economies to use solar technology in the public area lighting, however lack of expertise and long integration made some early trials a failure in the region

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Truelite All-in-One Smart Solar light is the 3rd generation all-in-one series with high efficiency and advanced technology. The light integrates the green-energy components such as solar panel, LED lamp, and the lithium battery into a single product system to offer a solution for low-energy lighting, long-time use, high-luminance, and free maintenance.

The LED ALL-IN-ONE SOLAR STREET LIGHT 15W has better output with longer battery backup than the normal all-in-one solar light. The housing is made from aluminum alloy, co-operating with good waterproof, dust-proof, and airless technology. Truelite pioneers the All-in-One adaptive lighting technology for better energy-saving functionality in adverse weather conditions, and for the dusk to dawn operations.

Truelite's Thor smart solar LED street light is the most advanced form of solar roadway lighting available, that integrates a lithium battery and smart controller into the light head that can provide up to 15000 lumens and 24 hours of battery backup in completely automated operation. Thor by Truelite was developed after the huge success of the 4G smart light on the same principle and technology for higher lighting requirements. The light has a better output with longer battery backup than regular all-in-one solar lights.

SunWrap Integrated Solar Pole Systems from Truelite are the most advanced and innovative solar module for various pole-mounted PV applications. SunWrap's patented design, manufactured to high-quality standards, can meet decorative and high-end applications especially for the area and garden lighting without compromising aesthetics. SunWrap is the outcome of our constant R&D in Solar Lighting, equipped with highly efficient solar modules in a hexagonal aluminium die cast structure for maximum performance, strength and durability in many challenging applications. The innovation can be integrated into any pole shape and dimensions, making the SunWrap Integrated Solar Pole almost universal. The detachable and lightweight design helps in easy installation for a complete maintenance-free life.

Truelite offers advanced IoT-based Solar Streetlights for effective communication and smart monitoring of the lights. IoT-based Automated Solar Streetlight Management system are becoming an essential feature for many cities around the world and are expected to gain momentum over the coming years. The system consists of an IoT Solar controller, wireless communication module, cloud server & client (mobile app, WBE Terminal).

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