Critical power

While the risks associated with interrupted power are not always apparent, it is also important to understand the costs to such power related events. Imexolutions performs a comprehensive risk analysis to understand your facility and the systems and weigh the costs of power against the likelihood of events that might occur.

Using proven strategies, our engineers come with the ability to eliminate power surges, spikes and noise. As critical power experts, we provide comprehensive maintenance plans that maximise uptime and extend the life of your equipment.

Critical power

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Get uninterrupted power through a fully integrated supply solution that keeps your business constantly active. With improved energy efficiency and high levels of availability, you can substantially, reduce your TCO (total cost of ownership). Our quick recovery plans ensure that your mission-critical systems are continuously up and running. An extensive network of critical power experts and field service engineers provides the kind of response and coverage where it is most required and fast.

  • Industrial power: APC GALAXY 5000 & 7000 SERIES range
  • Data centre & facility 3-phase power: APC GALAXY VS, VM & VX SERIES

Going beyond the ordinary. Imexolutions in partnership with Schneider, provides innovative cooling solutions to resolve all critical heating issues. Dedicated to high performance and quality, our solutions are a result of intense research and development and can be applied over a wide spectrum of operational requirements. Our pre-engineered cooling systems allows for quick installation and is a packaged solution equipped with active response control. Our solutions are fully configurable and customisable to match with specific data requirements.

  • Containment & air distributions
  • Manage airflow, easily and effectively across racks, rows and other hotpots using Imexolutions containment and air distribution services. Our range of systems are designed to maximise capacity, cooling predictability and efficiency. We provide intelligent thermal containment solutions that protect all critical equipment and personnel. The distribution structure communicates with the cooling system to make sure that the airflow is in accordance with the equipment. The unit can be deployed across several zones and modules and a can benefit the rack or row level systems.

  • Rack mounted cooling
  • The RCAS (Rack Air Containment System) is a modular mechanical ducting system that can be installed in the front or the rear of an enclosure. Providing maximum cooling, air expelled from a unit is redirected into a cooling element where it is conditioned. This way the warm exhaust airs do not enter the inlets thus allowing optimal performance. Imexolutions deploys these particularly in areas of unpredictable cooling performance. To provide additional isolation and dampening of noise, a front containment may also be installed.

AVR is the most reliable solution to problems related to voltage variations in the electric network. Failures on the distribution lines, atmospheric discharges, continuous load variations and disturbances generated by the users make it impossible to always guarantee a steady voltage within the tolerance bandwidth stipulated in the supply contract. Very often this tolerance is insufficient for more sensitive equipment.

The purpose of the AVR is to ensure that the machine is fed a voltage subject to a variation much lower (±0.5% with regards to the nominal value) that the one guaranteed by the distributing system.

Imexolutions is the East Africa distributor for EnerRocket batteries and these batteries are predominately used for UPS applications both in standby and cyclic usages. More than 90% of the electrolyte is reused resulting into very low water loss that results in a maintenance-free operation.

Stay ahead of all potential failures with Imexolutions UPS replacement battery solutions. Intelligent battery monitoring systems are the key to ensuring uptime. Forward thinking businesses adopt these solutions to record key parameters, and to measure and monitor string voltage, cell resistance, terminal and connection resistant, ground fault, ambient temperatures, etc. . EnerRocket batteries are high rated 12V, possess long lives and compatible across all industrial and commercial applications.

Technical Features:
  • Non-Spillable Sealed Construction
  • Absorptive Glass Mat (AGM System)
  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Container and cover
  • Gas Recombination
  • Maintenance - Free Operation
  • Low Pressure Venting System
  • Heavy- Duty Grids
  • Low Self-Discharge - Long Shelf Life
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • High Recovery Capabilities

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