Solar energy & storage

Imexolutions is a strategic partner of BAE solar batteries in the East African region. BAE solar batteries are used for applications in the field of renewable energies, such as in photovoltaic systems. They are used in both hybrid and self-sufficient structures, based on the plant size and purpose. BAE solar batteries areused in industrial energy systemsto increase the own consumption of self-generated PV solar energy.

BAE solar batteries are available in both low-maintenance VLA and maintenance-free VRLA-GEL versions. Due to the high cyclical requirements, batteries with positive tubular plates are used. BAE also develops customer-specific solutions.

BAE solar batteries are particularly characterized by:

  • High cycle stability, tested according to IEC 61427
  • Fully insulated battery design for complete protection against accidental contact
  • Very good recharge behaviour
  • Very good deep discharge capacity
  • Highest reliability through absolutely tight pole lead-through
  • Outward intercell connectors for all block types
  • Easy access to the measurement of voltages etc. Directly at the pole via a service ring and / or pole screw

While BAE batteries require little or no maintenance, engineers at Imexolutions ensure periodic, hands-on inspection and evaluation, to check if the product is placed in a location that meets certain specifications. Even if the electrolyte levels don’t have to be replenished, we still ensure proper functioning and procurement at all times.

Solar Energy Storage

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